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Irish Setters

I'll never tire of watching Irish Setters in the sun, the way their coats pick up the refection of the sky and the earth, the russets and the flashes of blue, rippling like a field of grass...just beautiful

No mistaking their beauty but are they the dog for you ? The biggest secret that Irish Setters keep to themselves is that far from the scatterbrained loons that most folk think of when their name is mentioned this is a breed of quick thinking and massive loyalty. Bred originally as a hunting and retrieving dog it makes sense that a stupid beast wouldn't last long in the demanding world of the hunter. Training a setter is not more difficult than any other gundog, just remember to use his instincts to aid his training. I use hand signals early on and use a whistle as an aid to my voice, the setter loves to range wide when he's off the lead so long distance control is a must, to learn early.

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