What is Microchipping?

It's a permanent means of identifying your animal, by inserting the tiny microchip under the skin around the scruff on the back of the neck the microchip can be read by a scanner to see the unique number allocated to your animal. This number is registered with your name and address at a central location(PetLog, C/o The KENNEL CLUB) so if your animal is found he can be quickly and safely returned to you. For travel under the dog passport scheme a microchip is necessary, it's a safe and  reliable form of identity.


As a trained Microchip Implanter I can offer a service to owners of litters , the entire litter microchipped at a reasonable price.

Most dog owners are aware now of the need for ID where their animals are concerned and by offering prospective buyers this service I believe it indicates your professional attitude and ongoing care of the puppy.


Give me a call if you would like more details

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