Abbeystag Sirius of Colourbox and Caldocani Donzella of Colourbox ..Boris and Hellion

Colourbox Cherubim

Colourbox Cherubim...Bubble

Boris...Abbeystag Sirius of Colourbox

Colourbox Tasty Geezer Photo courtesy of Linda Mayne

Geezer at 6 weeks

Geezer, Geraldine and Peggy at their favourite pub!

Geraldine and Geezer

Colourbox Hell Oh...Towser



Colourbox Hussey

Geezer at the gallop!

Bubble and her babies

Crufts can be a long day..

Colourbox Cherubim, Bubble with her babies

Caldocani Donzella at Colourbox, Hellion by name, Hellion by nature

Water Retrieve

C.Cherubim /Bubble & Steve..Love at first sight!

Thanks to Janet & Ian Bartlet for the use of Barney's pics

Barney and janet...Agility!...Thanks to Janet and Ian for the pics

Connie, sister to Tottie and Toby

Toby, Geezers son and sister to Tottie

Tottie ! What more could you want for Christmas?

Tobi (Bredicot Jameson for Colourbox)

Toby & Totty

Right ...we've dragged the flowerpot into the bushes where "she" can't see us....

It's mine!'s mine!

sooo...what does this do then?

hmmm...doesn't even taste nice

Tobi, Bredicot Jameson For Colourbox

Tobi at 5 weeks

Tottie, Bredicot Tasty Tottie cum Colourbox...Dirty Girlie!!!

Mimi and Ruben, by kind permission of Roz



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