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Jessica Holm's much missed GBGV Anu at Crufts

Bluebottle, so called because when I first saw him his emaciated body was crawling with flies..this pic after a few months of tlc

Bluebottle in the snow

Bosun, pic by Sharkey Ward..used as a promo for The Cat Show by the BBC

Jessica Holm and Anu ...stay!

Robert Killick, a gentleman of extraordinary knowledge of dogs

Charles Fairbrother..a gentleman and I'm proud to say , a friend

Captain Cat, only 3 legs but what a great character

My Father and his adoring dog Sprocket, reunited the other side of Rainbow Bridge

Solomon and I, he was 5 I think when this pic was taken..and I was..*cough*...I forget now..

My beautiful Mother at 91, she crossed rainbow Bridge this year a week before her 92nd birthday

Captain Cat

Jake, here as a young dog.

yaaaaayyyy! Jake in the snow

Jess and Anu

Kitten Kaboodle...now 3 years old and still called kitten

My wonderful friends Ann Tavender and Lesley Fordham , pic taken by Sharkey at the Royal Norfolk Show

Solly ...what a range that horse had

Solly as a raw 3 year old


3 day eventing

Hunter Trials

Hunter Trials



My brother Mike Cove and his lovely wife Karen, they live in the USA

Squiffie, a wonderful generous gift from my friend Roz

Pugwash, rescued 2 years ago and loving the company of Squiffie

Squiffie and Puggie

Bosun..enjoying her last summer..she went across rainbow bridge last year , aged 19

Steve's Father Graham print, a countryman with a wicked sense of humour

Croome and West Warwickshire Huntsman and hounds

Charley...our good neighbour's Jack

Pic by Nettie Ward of the fabulous Scottish Coast

Another Nettie pic...fabulous colours

Squiffie...most beautiful of slave drivers



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